TOPSYSTEM Services Group

   “TOPSYSTEM Services Group” goes back 22 years of experience in trading lubricants. Having under its status 3 companies, TOPSIS SA, TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS B. Ltd. and TOPSISTEM DOO always faithful to its values, sells dozens of lubricant products for each type of machinery, vehicles, industry and navigation since 1992.
   With loyalty and consistency to its customers and his colleagues, using modern technology and innovative systems and a full range of products, TOPSYSTEM Services Group of companies in recent years are among the largest trading companies of lubricants in Greece.

   "In every phase of the transaction, we create strong human relationships, managing in this way to have overtaken the role of mere commercial enterprise products with our partners. The goal of our company is to maintain its leading role in meeting the needs of lubrication, with a friendly way both for the partner and for the environment.

   Currently the group distributes WEG lubricants which are approved by the General Laboratory. Moreover, Rheinol lubricants, the German lubricants’ manufactuters from Duisburg, SWD Rheinol, which is the only and main representative not only in Greece but also in the Balkan countries, based in Skopje with TOPSISTEM DOO company.

   With 23 owned commercial vehickles, 13 sellers throughout Greece, 5 drivers for deliveries, 2 warehouse workers, 3 people in customer services, 3 people in accounting and full product stock was distinguished by people and customers and is among the best trading  and handling companies of lubricants in Greece.

   TOPSYSTEM Services Group operates in Greece. The company TOPSIS SA covers the entire Northern Greece covering regions such as Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly and Epirus. From the other hand, TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS B. Ltd. covers the central and southern Greece and the regions of Evia, Attica, Peloponnese and Crete as well as the Aegean and Ionian islands.

    TOPSIS SA Company is housed in privately-owned facilities in the 2nd km of Giannitsa to Thessaloniki with a total area of 8.500sqm. The company also has offices in Thessaloniki, Kavala and Kolleti 2 Str.  The company TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS B. Ltd. located on the street Agias Triados and Porfira 1 in Acharnes Attica, with a total area of 1.200sqm.

   "It is within our priorities the selection of suitable partners-suppliers for the provision of advanced lubricants and services to ensure the greatest benefits for your business. Our companies TOPSIS SA based in Giannitsa and TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS B. Ltd. based in Athens have prestige, knowledge and power to support you all the way."

 With respect to our partners
TOPSYSTEM Services Group